左封面為 Tiffany Tam TT 的 〈It's OK to not be OK〉;

右封面為 Wong Mei Yin 的 〈. 〉。

〈It's OK to not be OK〉


任何人也會成為眼中釘。〈BLACK OBJECTS〉 紀錄了5款平凡的物件。




otto 半年刊創立於 2017 年,由 tiffanytam 和 wongmeiyin 獨立出版。
otto 寓意二人一起閱讀、一起觀看,然後把它們分享。


otto#6: OK—Tiffany Tam TT: 'It's OK to not be OK' / Wong Mei Yin: 'GOODNIGHT'

'It's OK to not be OK'

HongKongers are no longer living under freedom from fear.
Anything found in your belongings can be classified as prohibited items.
Everyone is a suspect.
5 usual items are illustrated as a record of this period in 'BLACK OBJECTS'.

One Issue, One Theme・Two Covers


otto, an independent biannual publication, was founded
by Tiffany Tam TT and
ong Mei Yin in 2017 in Hong Kong.
otto aims at reading together, observing together, and sharing.

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